Free digitising - by our own expert.

Digitising is the process of converting artwork into a stitch file that can be read by an embroidery machine. 

This involves several steps to get a perfect result, and we believe it is essential that an embroiderer does their own digitising - as we do. This process can be costly, but we provide free digitising for orders over 7 items to enable anyone to have their design stitched rather than printed.

Digitising is a careful process that requires time and experience. 

Firstly, the design must be suitable for embroidery, and edited if it isn’t. Text may need to be enlarged, and some designs simplified.

Then the stitch file is created. It needs to include stitch type, order of stitching, stitch direction, locks, cuts, underlay and pull compensation as well as colour of course.

The skill of the digitiser is in knowing how the stitches in the software will sew onto different fabrics, with the embroidery machine they have. 

Lastly the design is tested by sewing it out. Then it is amended and tested, amended and tested until the result is perfect. Only then will it be put on a customers garment.