Why have branded work wear?

In the ever competitive market, branding is becoming more important.  Having your logo expertly reproduced onto your work clothing portrays you as a professional company that cares about quality.   

As well as providing your company with a source of free advertising, it provides instant identification when meeting customers and gives a sense of belonging and equality to employees. 

At Atlas Embroidery we ensure that your logo is reproduced precisely, providing a picture of how it will look before we start the decoration process. You can be confident your business will be presented in the best light.

The right work wear clothing...

When choosing work wear you need to consider comfort, practicality and durability. We have a wide variety of hard wearing products to meet your needs, whether you work inside or out. 

These can all be embroidered or printed with your company logo. In addition we can add personal embellishments, such as a name, initials or job title to individual items. 

Browse through our catalogue or we will be pleased to advise you if you call to discuss your requirements.